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Raspberry Mojito

Raspberry Mojito

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Pre-orders placed in November will start shipping on December 5th, after the opening sale period and the raffle closes.
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The cooling flavor of the Cuban summer poured into pearls!

A true classic that you can't get enough of
and now you don't even eat?


100% raspberry puree, homemade mint syrup, lime

Our recommendation for sprinkling: fresh lime peel


Vegan, gluten-free, artificial coloring and preservative-free product!

Contents of the Standard GiftBox - packaging for 2 people

• 12 cocktail pearls (1 bottle, 225ml)
• 1 flavor
• standard deviation
• 2 monoportion spoons
• 2 spoon coasters
• 1 small spoon – to fish out the pearls and dispense the sprinkles/decoration
• 1 QR code a product description to open
• 1 embossed box strap and 1 personal greeting card

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