What is a cocktail pearl ?
Mouth-watering delicacy poured into a soft sphere!

What does it mean to be cast in a sphere?

The process by which the beads are made is called spherification, which is named after the thin, jelly-like layer - sphere - created during the process.

What is spherification and how are cocktail pearls made?
Spherification, also known as spherification, is a controlled gelling process, during which we create a texture (state of matter) in which a liquid inner core is surrounded by a thin, soft but crunchy jelly-like shell.
Special, vegan thanks to its ingredients, the internal liquid part and
the outer layer is the same, only their physical state is different.

What is the sphere, shell, envelope surrounding the pearl made of?
We use a gelling agent of plant origin (extracted from algae), which reacts with calcium in an aqueous medium to create a denser, jelly-like texture.

Is it made by hand or by machine?
Handmade product! Each cocktail pearl is made by hand and with a shaping spoon, separately, one by one.

What is its alcohol content?
It varies, the alcoholic pearls are usually of average
liquor strength , 16-25 % . Our goal is to discover and experience flavors and textures, you can even taste more. We are supporters of moderate alcohol consumption!

How many cents of liquor are in a pearl?
Beads offered on spoons are equivalent to 1.25 cents (+/- 0.15 cents) of liquid.

What kind of juice do pearls swim in?
The pouring juice of the pearls is made from the basic cocktail. The surface of the pearls has tiny pores and holes through which it diffuses, so when placed in a different medium or liquid, it can pick up new flavors or lose the intensity of its own flavor. The juice can be consumed. In fact, we recommend it, because this way you can immediately experience the difference in experience between the two textures.

What is the sediment in your dressing?
The topping may contain particles that settle, so it may appear cloudy or sediment. Sedimentation does not mean a change in enjoyment value or a quality defect.

Can children eat it?
Yes! Our alcohol-free pearls are loved without the slightest exaggeration! :)

Vegetarian, vegan compatible?
Yes, but in the case of certain product components, animal protein may have been used during their preparation (for example, for clarifying wine).

Does it contain lactose (milk sugar)?
No! We do not use raw materials containing lactose to make the beads! It can occur scattered. All products have a list of allergens.

Gluten-free product?
Our products are gluten-free ( <20mg/kg).
Important: Many of our products are made using liqueurs made from grain distillates and grain spirits, which can cause difficulties for people with celiac disease!

Product warranty?
Unopened 4 months.
After opening, our alcoholic products should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within seven days.
Our alcohol-free products should be stored in the refrigerator after opening and consumed within three days.

Does it require cooling?
It does not require refrigeration when unopened.
Cool before consumption. Ideal consumption temperature 5-8 °C.

How should it be consumed?
Let's take our time. The cocktail pearls should be smelled first, and then consumed as a whole, in one bite. We press it with our tongue or bite it, thus the pearl -like a grape- when bursting on the palate , it acts as a real flavor explosion. Chew it a few times, savor it, let the flavors and textures unfold and permeate the oral cavity and taste buds. The more time we spend on it, the more it shows, let's taste it attentively, patiently, and playfully.

Do not shake the contents of the bottle, as the beads may break.
Serving the product requires attention and caution, but no prior training is required! You can play to see who can serve more beautifully and you can at least try the art of decorative serving!